Developing the whole child


Our approach to education is to observe children and discover their individual needs. Our teachers help to make children confident enough to become capable self educators, prepared and equipped for the future.


​ This approach puts emphasis on educating the whole child, covering all areas of development – intellectual, social, physical, emotional and spiritual.  At Papillon, we have an environment full of opportunities for our children to experiment and initiate their own education.  We have Montessori materials which have been carefully designed to incorporate a teaching purpose.  Understanding, dexterity and skill are developed each time a child uses them.



Practical Life Activities


On entering our preschool, children are given the chance to develop important life skills which allows them greater freedom in their classroom.  They will learn to manage their own clothing using dressing frames to practice buttons, zips and bows.  They are also shown how to care for their classroom by using brushes and dusters.  Children develop practical skills such as pouring drinks and laying the table.  They also develop social skills with friends and keyworkers, which will enable them to feel capable, independent members of the community.





Children primarily learn through their senses, so at Papillon we use a range of well thought out Montessori exercises to help children sort, match and compare objects by shape, size, touch, taste and sound. These early sensorial impressions boost children’s powers of observation and discrimination.  Children also broaden their vocabulary and contribute to their understanding of formal educational concepts.



Language and literacy


Our language materials are based on a carefully structured phonic approach to writing and reading.  Children firstly learn in a sensorial manner by tracing sandpaper letters with their fingers while they say the sounds.  They move on to writing words with moveable alphabets, matching words with objects/pictures and then reading our ‘One, Two, Three and Away’ book reading system.





Montessori materials such as number rods, short bead stairs, golden beads, seguin board a and b, and the spindle box are interesting and provide gradual learning.  They also allow the children to self correct, which means that they can instantly see if they have made a mistake and are able to correct it without the assistance of a keyworker.   This system enables children to learn at their own pace and understand each stage before moving on to the next one.





The children use globes, puzzle maps and flags to build up their understanding of other countries, cultures, festivities and people.


At Papillon, we celebrate all festivities.  Parents come in to our preschool to help to teach the children about each festivity.  The children get the opportunity to try on different cultural outfits and taste foods of the world.  During our dance lessons and music and movement lessons, children learn many different cultural songs and dances.


Caring for animals and growing plants fill the gap between the child’s knowledge of the immediate environment and the wider world.






Montessori Curriculum



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