Little Dance Flavourz



Dance in its many guises (Bollywood, Latin, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Belly, Disco & Cheerleading)  provides the perfect medium for your child to truly express his or her more creative side in a safe, fun and energetic environment.


This is the latest healthy lifestyle pre-school venture from the award-winning Little Kickers stable, who are proud to have developed another engaging initiative that’s been crafted to foster an early appreciation for physical activity and healthier living among pre-school children.


The real joy of dance for your child is the early realisation that there is no such thing as right or wrong, it’s simply a matter of self-belief and personal interpretation.

From the outset, our goal is to unlock your child’s imagination in a friendly, positive learning environment that actively encourages interaction amongst our in-step students.

 In no time your child will be mastering warm-up activities, character dances and movement training that will not only boost  their self-confidence but help him/her to nurture their agility, balance, movement and hand-eye co-ordination



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